Sunday, July 15, 2012

We arrived in Lima about 4:10 am.  After going through customs and getting luggage collected, we arrived at our hotel.  We had time to shower and load the buses to go to the "Community."  What a blessing.

This is such a wonderful story.  We hugged and kissed and said, "Hola. Buenos Dias" about 800 times. Then we heard the story of Miguel as he bagan to realize the need of so many homeless children. His young son became ill and went to the hospital and was able to receive treatment because Miguel had money to pay.  But his son died and Miguel was heartbroken.  As he left the hospital, he saw two young boys needing medical attention.  They would receive none because they had no family to pay for care.  Miguel took both boys in and paid for their care.  One of the boys died and Miguel took the bodies of his son and the other boy to buy caskets.  There were no small caskets so Miguel buried both boys together in an adult casket.  He knew both boys were together in Heaven.
He found four boys in the street and took them home.  After a wonderful family night with the new boys, the boys were gone the next morning.  Miguel thought the boys had stolen things and left, but nothing was missing.  The next day the boys returned and apologized for leaving. They came back with four more boys because they needed a home.  When his family grew to 17, neighbors complained and they had to leave the area.  They moved to the area that is now the community, and Miguel and his wife began a wonderful ministry of caring for children.  The Community has over 850 children living, learning, caring, loving one another.  All of the children are required to learn to work - in both the bakery and the sewing shop. 
Tomorrow we will begin a weeklong Bible school for the children. 

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  1. Wow such amazing people to do that for those children. Have a good week.