Thursday, March 1, 2012

As I tried to come up with a creative name for my blog (first ever, mind you!), I struggled to come up with something fun and creative that might have a calling similar to that of my friend, Pippo, or Captain Fussybuckets.  The best I could do was “Janiece in Greece” until I realized that it would be much easier to come up with one name to fit all rather than a separate name for each trip I go on.  “Me and You in Peru” makes me think that my ideas might tend to go downhill each time. 

So to settle on one name and make a continuous blog of my future mission trips seems the simplest and appears to be what would require the least creativity.  I’ll throw all my creativity into my Bible lessons; my packing for month- long trips in one small suitcase that I can manhandle alone; my strategies for overcoming jet lag; and according to my kids, appropriate souvenirs to bring back for them.

 Seriously, when I think about the opportunities I am enjoying right now, I do know and appreciate that the life and death of Danny is a huge part of why, how, and what I am experiencing.  So many of the things he and I shared will obviously be part of this new and different life I am living.  So back to the point of this writing—the name of my blog—I struggled to come up with the perfect name.  It came to mind that when Danny would lead singing, he would lead “Send the Light.”  However, when we sang the chorus, he always had us change the words to “take the light.”  And that is what I feel blessed to be doing with my life—“Taking the Light”.  So that was idea #1, and I really liked it.

After a little more thinking, studying, reading, planning, calling my creative daughter (she made me put that), I came across a selection from Psalm 96:2-4.

2 Sing to the Lord, Praise His name:
proclaim His salvation day after day.
3 Declare His glory among the nations,
   His marvelous deeds among all peoples.
For greatis the LORD and most worthy of praise.
Herein lies what I believe is the purpose of my new life:  letting others (even in faraway places) know how great God is and what He will do for them~and in turn what they should do for Him.  That verse is my purpose, my meaning, my ambition, my reason, my dream, and finally, my title for my blog!  So when you wonder what I am doing, feel free to check up on me through my blog.  I will be somewhere “Taking the Light among the nations to declare His deeds because He is great!”  (JNT-Janiece’s New Translation of Psalm 96:3-4) 

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