Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Our number of readers is growing.  We received a call from Joann who works in a store down the street.  Marcia visited her when we were buying warm leggins because it has been so cold here.  She will come tomorrow at noon.  A new reader, Marianna, began today.  We are so blessed each day here. 

Please continue to pray for Sviatlana that she can begin to understand that God forgives.  I will give "Lana" a list of scriptures about God's love and forgiveness tomorrow and I will give her a Bible to take home.  She has such a loving and sincere heart.  Lana is 55 years old, is from Belarussia, and has been in Greece about 12 years.  She had an interview today for a job as a nanny.  Pray that she will get this job.  She would be a blessing to these two little girls.  You can read more about her on my blog last Monday.

Vasilis continues to amaze me with his knowledge.  He will be a leader in this church as he continues to grow.  He thirsts and wants to learn more.  He does two lessons each day so that he can go on to more books.

Natalia is doing very well with her English.  She does not have confidence and is emberassed if anyone hears her trying to speak, but she is doing well.  Her Bible knowledge is good and she wants to learn more.

Darin is doing better.  I was able to stay on the lesson much more today.  He did ask me to help him with his resume.  He is trying to get a job as a librarian.  With today's lesson he was moe serious with the reading and the questions.  Your prayers are being answered.  Please continue.

Tonight we ate together with the Christians before they had their Bible study.  There are two men who meet with the group that are struggling with addictions, and they are loved and accepted and worked with by these brothers and sisters.

I love y'all.


  1. So encouraging. Praying for all.

  2. I'm so glad God is answering our prayers for more readers!!!