Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Today I will try to post some pictures to show you where we are.  It is abnormally cold here, and we did not come prepared for cold.  But we are doing fine.  My layers do not match, but warmth is more important than fashion.  Right?

This is the street we walk down each morning and walk up each evening.  Our apartment is five blocks from the metro.  We have finally conquered riding the metro.

I have already posted the picture in the metro of September 3 Street.  There is another sign that shows me Danny is here with me.  This picture is painted on the building one block from the church building.  This is one of Danny's favorite paintings.  He did a pencil of it when he was in school at Preston Road.  We have had this piece at our house for years. 

On last Saturday we visited the Acropolis Museum. One morning before classes begin, I hope to be able to walk up to the Parthenon. The Greeks are doing repairs, trying to restore some of this beautiful structure.

My first reader comes in 30 minutes, so I need to prepare for Sviatlana.

I love y'all.  Keep praying.