Thursday, March 8, 2012

Today is another beautiful day.  We are praying that we will have more readers interested in practicing with us.  Marcia and I begin each morning with a devotional.  This morning I also opened a note from friends in Abilene.  They sent a journal and notes with me to open on certain days for encouragement, and to remind me that others back home are praying for God to use us here and for us to see his wishes for us.  Before I left Abilene, one friend told me that Danny would be here with me.  She did not know how, but I would know.  Each day as we ride the metro to get to the meeting place for our readers, I read a street sign that says Danny is with me as I head up to the streets.  Danny's birthday is September 3.  I have seen this sign posted everyday since I arrived. 

Today I will read again with Natalia and with Vasilis.  Both are very sweet and eager to learn more of God's will for them.  They are such happy people and are so grateful for God's gudance in their lives.  Natalia's husband is a physicist and he studied for a short time in Alabama.  He attended the church while he was in the US.  She said she was stubborn - she did not become a Christian for five years.  Vasilis came back from the army in November 2004.  His father had him attend church and Vasilis was baptized May 22, 2005.  He is very proud of that day.  He is looking for a job and had an interview Monday.  Please pray he will be called to work.

Last night about 12-15 of us met for Bible study.  They love to sing, and their study of the Word was very intense.  God continues to bless us and we thank you for your prayers. 

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  1. Praying for you and those with you! Love you!