Sunday, March 11, 2012

Today is Sunday, March 11.  This has been a marvelous day.  We worshipped with a group this morning, had lunch together, and then began to get ready for our Texas party.  While we were setting up for the party, a lady came in to ask about our English classes.  She had seen a flyer and had come to see what we were doing.  She will come tomorrow at noon to read with me.  Her name is Lana.  Please pray for her.  We were so excited to have a response from the flyers we passed out. 

Our Texas party started about 1 hour late and I thought we were going to have only three students, but Eleni (the preacher's wife) went in to the Bulgarian worship and asked some of them to come to our party.  We had a room full of sweet Christians.  I taught them to say "Yee Haw!"  We twirled a rope, ate sunflower seeds and spit them into a can, played marbles, ate beef jerky, lassoed our friends, and shot candles out with our "six-shooter" waterguns.  We also ate cowboy cookies and drank sweet iced tea.  The group laughed and laughed and had a good time.  I noticed a young man in his twenties sitting in the corner.  He watched but did not participate.  I thought he was thinking how silly I was acting.  (Sometimes I do act a little goofy, but it's fun.  I think it used to drive Danny nuts at times.  Oh, well.  He loved me anyway.)  After the party, that young man came to me and asked if he could come to class beginning tomorrow.  I was very excited.  We will begin reading Luke 1 at 2:30 tomorrow.  That was two new students for me, and Marcia also had a new student sign up. 

More praise to God came a little later when I found out from Eleni that my new young reader is visiting his Mother who is a member here.  The young man is having some difficulties and his Mother asked Eleni to pray for something to touch him today, for him to see something good here.  GOD ANSWERED THAT PRAYER TODAY!   God is so good to us, and He has blessed us with three new students. 

My eyes have been "leaking" today because God's blessings are so overwhelming.  He continues to bless me abundantly more than I can ask or imagine.  Keep us in your prayers.  I love y'all.


  1. I would have loved being at your party. Makes me think about the western spring break!

  2. This story is absolutely precious! My eyes are leaking, too! God is SO good! Hug my mamma for me!