Monday, March 12, 2012

What a wonderful Monday morning.  It is very cold outside.  It felt like a little sleet as we walked to the metro.  The weather is not supposed to be like this in March.  People were busy everywhere, and we are able to find our way very easily now.  

My first reader this morning is Sviatlana.  She is from Belarussia.  When she was a child her family did not believe in God.  However, her first job required that she be baptized before she could become a "godmother."  (I think that is a nanny.)  When she had to be baptized she began to study the Bible.  She became a very strong believer in God, but a few years ago had some difficulties by being with a crowd that "did not have good faces."  Last month she read about our practice lessons in English.  She waited for the classes to go for a few weeks and came to the church yesterday to check things out.  We had a great beginning of our study today.  She has been teaching school for a number of years, but was so busy she never had time for anything except work.  She taught classes from 10 am to 10 pm.  One night while walking home, she saw a chair sitting alone on the sidewalk.  A little farther along she saw another chair sitting alone on the sidewalk.  She felt this was a way God was showing her to slow down.  She eventually quit the job she had.  She said that she believed that God did that so that she would have this opportunity to study with us now.  WHAT A MIGHTY GOD WE SERVE. Please pray every day for "Lana" that as we study God's Word she will have a clearer understanding of God's will for her, and that she will find the pieces she is searching for. 

Darin is my other new reader today.  He speaks very fast English with a strong Bulgarian accent.  He is a very educated man with a number of degrees.  At this time, he does not have a job. One of his degrees is in advertising, so Marcia has asked him if he can help us get the information out to the people.  

Today is Natalia's birthday.  She brought cookies for us. We read about the rich man in Luke 12.  Natalia said that "If God lives in our hearts, we are rich."  Natalia showed me her book that we read from.  Over the weekend, she studied four lessons.  She studies the Word!  I thank God for the wonderful people here who strive daily to please our God. 

Vasilis and I read today from Luke 11.  At the close of our hour, Vasilis said "Give God your heart - then He will put it in your heart to love and help and to serve others.  This love is given from above.  My sister and I are closing 7 years in the Lord.  I was baptized May 22, 2005 and Sophia was baptized June 19, 2005.  I am happy because I am hoping in the Lord for His coming."

We should all pray to have the trust and assurance that our brothers and sisters in Greece have.   

I love y'all and thank y'all for your continued prayers,


  1. I am here at work and everyone else is out today or gone for lunch. This was just what I needed. I will be praying even harder for you and those you are reading with. God is so good. Janiece I am so happy you are there. I know you are feeling blessed to be able to do this. I know you miss Danny so much but if you were stuck in Cherokee you would not have had this opportunity. Love you so much and will continue to pray for the seed to be planted through you.

  2. Thanks so much for the details about what your readers are saying. It's so encouraging!