Friday, March 16, 2012

We began this day with the fruit and vegetable market at our front door.  We bought food for us, but also for the group that meets on Wednesday.  They always eat together before Bible study.  Eleni and Alex will be gone for a few days, and Marcia and I will prepare potato soup. This is my teammate, Marcia with some of our wares.
The market is several blocks.

Yesterday three new students showed up at the same time.  One of them, another Vasilis, owns a store very near here.  The girl, Yanna, works for him.  And her boyfriend is attending.  We have stopped at their store several times and they have spoken English.  Marcia is having a class with them every other day.  Normally each classtime has only one student, but these three are reading together for 2 hours.

My class with Lana continues well.  Today we read from Luke 4:1-14.  Lana looked at me and said, "Janiece, this is just for me!"  It is so wonderful to see the word convict hearts.

Vasilis has almost completed Luke.  We will begin John later next week and we will also study I and II Peter.  He is thirsting for more and more knowledge.

Tomorrow will be our day off.  We are planning to go on a "cruise" to three small islands.  We will leave about 7:15 am and return about 7:00 that evening.  I will let you know about them in a few days. 

I will give you a little preview of our home.  The kitchen has a stove, a small refrigerator, a small dishwasher on the cabinet, a microwave, and a small table.  Sometimes it has our clothes hanging in front of the  radiator to dry.

The living room is also my bedroom.  It has the largest radiator to dry our clothes.  There is a desk area for us to try to lay maps, etc. out to make plans.  There is a TV, but we cannot understand the Greek stations.  Some of you please let us know if interesting things are happening elsewhere in the world.

The bedroom is Marcia's.  It has a balcony about 2'X 3'.  She enjoys the fresh air at night.  Sometimes it gets a little chilly.

Our bathroom has a washing machine in it also.  We have hot water for showers, so it is very nice. 

This is a very nice apartment and it is in a nice neighborhood.  We have 2 little grocery stores very near us.  I think each one is about 45 seconds from our home, just in different directions on the street.

Marcia is with her last reader now.  We will be heading home in about 45 minutes.  Thank you for the messages, e-mails and prayers.

I love y'all.


  1. Hearing what you are doing is so uplifting to all of us here. Our prayers are for you and your students. So thankful you have such a desire to help others. It shows even in your posts.

  2. Thanks so much for posting pictures! It's so nice to see your environment so that I can imagine where you are and what you're doing! Tell mom that she looks cute standing with the produce!