Monday, March 19, 2012

This evening, still Sunday, tears are still falling.  This time it is thanksgiving.  One of the men I talked about at the end of my entry on March 14,  was with us all day at church.  He studied with Mary, a wonderful Christian woman here in Greece.  For about an hour after they talked, Petros stayed and studied his worksheet and Bible all by himself.  I just watched for a little while as he was in the Word.   I tried to encourage him, but he knows very little English. He hit his chest and said “no good man, woman problems, drugs, hashish, police arrest.  Walk better road.”  If I interpret that correctly, Petros was telling me he wants a better life with Christ.  I talked to Mary and she said they have been studying, and she believes he will become a Christian.  She is talking to him about ways his life will need to change then.  

We had a good meal together after morning worship.  Natalia’s birthday was this week, so she came early to prepare Russian food.  She made Russian salad, which seemed to be a much larger version of our potato salad.  However, everything must be chopped very, very small.  Natalia had me chop and chop and chop.  For those of you who may not know, I do not like raw onions.  I had to chop about 4 onions very, very “ti-i-i-ny” as Natalia says.  She said they only make this for special occasions because it takes so long to chop.  I understand.  She also prepared a delicious dish of onions and mushrooms sauteed in olive oil and added sour cream. She also stayed up until 2 am making a chocolate nut ball dipped in chocolate.

Pictured here are the two birthday girls from this last week - Natalia and Slava.  Natalia was so excited to be able to share real Russian Salad with all of us.

Marcia had a party for Tennessee.  We had only a few attend, and you can see Natalia and Mary attempting to do part of the Virginia Reel (do-si-do and curtsie.) They also learned some facts about the state of Tennessee.

It is now 5:15 on Monday evening and my four readers have finished for the day.  Marcia is reading with her last one and we will head home.

Keep praying.  I love y'all.


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  1. It sounds like a wonderful day. I will be praying for Petros. The language barrier makes it hard but he can see from those of you that are there that you care. It is long and it is hard and it is draining but the most wonderful draining ever! Continued prayers for you.