Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Since last Monday, we have been busy.  We now have 12 readers and 2 potential readers.  Please pray that these two new readers begin classes soon.

Marcia and I have done a little shopping at Montastiraki.  That has given us more experiences on the metro.  We have now ridden all three lines - the red, the blue and the green.  After three weeks, we can figure out how to get to any of the stops.

On Wednesday, Alex and Eleni were out of town to take care of business, so we cooked a meal for the group.  They eat together each Sunday and Wednesday.  One of my readers, Vasilis, led the Bible study.

Thursday, we were blessed to spend the day with Mary.  She is a precious Christian lady who has many difficulties in her life, but has remained strong and secure in her faith.  She is the lady who is studying with our friend, Petros.  As I mentioned before, Petros has been coming to the church for about 6 weeks and is struggling with addictions.  He has felt God's love in this place and he is very close to being converted to Christ.  We are thankful for Mary's committment and example.  Mary has a home near the shores of the sea.  We had a wonderful relaxing day in her beautiful home, she prepared a delicious meal, and she taught us a Greek folk dance. 

On Saturday morning we rode a bus to a mountain village of Aghio.  Eleni's aunt lives there and has suffered a stroke.  She is bedridden at this time.  Aunt Eleni is a precious Christian who has spent her life serving in this small town.  While we were there, a number of her friends came to visit.  We saw beautiful country areas while there. Eleni prepared a delicious meal for us.  She cooked lamb and potatoes on the stone oven outside her aunt's home.

Sunday was the Greek Independence Day.  The metro was closed until after noon, so we did not go to church until about 1:00.  We had the Fourth of July Party with our readers.  Several of the Bulgarians came to the party.  After it was over, we went to the home of Svetana, one of Marcia's readers.  She had prepared a feast.  We had 3 meat dishes, potato salad, stuffed peppers, and a pastry dish.  Her house was very nice, but tiny.  Her kitchen was about 8 X 8, and her bedroom/office/livingroom was about 8 X 12.  The bathroom had a shower, potty and washer.  There was beautiful marble in the apartment.  Svetana was such a sweet hostess.  She has been a widow for about 12 years.

After our meal, we caught the metro and went to another part of town where Nora, from Nigeria is beginning a group called "Integrity Sisters."  Nora wants to offer a place for women to come for help in any area of their lives.  Eleni spoke to the ladies and it seems to have been a very good beginning for the group.  It was scheduled to begin about 5:00, but it started about 8:00.  Women gathered for about 2-3 hours and just sat and visited.   We even had about 4 men who showed up - 2 photographers and 2 other men.  Marcia and I arrived home about 10:30.  We went to bed about 11:30 and began our day about 8:30 this morning.  It is now 7:00 and we will head home soon. 

Please pray for our current and our new prospective readers.

I love y'all.


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  1. Kaci and I were just talking about not hearing from you. So glad things are going so well. We continue to pray for your students. You are missing the bluebonnets but what you are doing is a great thing.