Monday, March 5, 2012

Today is a rainy day, but we were blessed with no rain falling as we walked to the metro station  (five blocks down, which means five blocks UP lots of stairs when we come home.)  When we got to Omonia station down in the metro station, we did have a litle trouble finding the right street to come up to.  But we finally were successful, so, here we are at the church building.

What blessings God is giving me.  Today I had my first reading with Natale.  She knows the names of so many American actresses - Natalie Wood, Greta Garbo, Audrey Hepburn- and smiles so big when she says the names.  Natale comes each day, Monday through Friday to improve her English.  She studies her Bible lesson before class and has the lesson for the day translated into Russian when she arrives.  Her workbook pages are filled with writing because she studies so much each day.  She understands God's word, and she understands some English.  She desires to learn more.  Natale teaches piano from 6am to 1pm. 

My next reader is Vasilis.  His Bible knowledge is very good.  He is able to talk about his faith in English as well as Greek.    Please pray for his continued growth, that he be able to get a new job, and that his family, especially his Dad matures spiritually.  (His birthday is September 3, the same as Danny's.  He was proud to share the birthday and told me that only Danny's fleshly body is dead.  Danny's spirit in alive with Christ.  How wonderful to share a faith like this so far from my home, and to have friendships like these develop in my faith family.)

Tsetvana was not able to come today because of the rain.  She would have to run in the rain to get to the study site, and she might get sick if that happened.  We pray for sunshine tomorrow so that she will be able to continue her study.

Pray that we will have more readers in the near future.  We will go to the square and pass out flyers to invite people to come for free one-on-one English lessons.

On a funny note, Alex, the preacher, took us to a metro closer to our home so that it would be easier and faster for us to get home in the rain.  Well . . . we were in a different terminal and took a train the wrong direction, had to get off and try to find the right one.  Aghio Antonios (north) and Aghio Demitrius (south) is very confusing, especially when we want to go east.  Oh, well, wonderful experiences.  We sure would never be able to do this around Cherokee or Abilene.

I love you all.

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  1. Sounds wonderful! A few inconveniences but not bad. I was never allowed out without a translater or the other preachers! Good thing.