Tuesday, March 27, 2012

So much has been happening that I have had little time to blog when I was at the church building.  That is the only time I have internet.  My readers are consistent and all have shown growth over this month. 

I wrote a blog last night and had 3 pictures in it.  But I lost the blog.  I will try to add a little tonight while Marcia reads with her last student. 

We visited the little island of Poros on our 1 day cruise.  It is a very pretty little village.

This is a view of little villages built along the sides of islands

This is the Temple of Athia on the island of Aegius.  This island is famous for their pistachios.

I know this is not very informative, but at least you know I am still here. I will try again tomorrow.  It is time to head to the house. 

I love y'all.

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